Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection (Straight Bourbon Whiskey)

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Master Distillery Commentary: "Holding all other variables constant, we wanted to see the affect that barrel size had on the finishing product. A typical bourbon barrel holds 200L, and in this experiment we aged bourbon in two larger bareels-250L and 500L on the same floor for the same amount of time to examine the impact size had on the flavor profile. What we found was that the 250L had a distinctive flavor profile similar to our control barrels, where was the size 500L had a lighter finish. Altering the balances between the oak and the recipe."

Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Total production: 6 Barrels 

Date Distilled: 11/21/2012

Date Barreled: 11/24/2012

Recipe: Rye Bourbon With Peated Malt

Mash Type: Sweet

Still Proof: 130 Entry Proof: 125

Warehouse/Floor: C/1, D/2

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