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DISTILLING YOUR LIFE - Mediterranean Gin Starting with a combination of revolutionary botanicals such as the arbequina olive, basil, rosemary and thyme, in Gin Mare we have achieved the distillation, bottling and exportation of the essence of the Mediterranean. Its gastronomy, its climate, land and sea. The birthplace of civilizations. With its exclusive and delicate elaboration, Gin Mare inspires us to travel a different path in life, getting the best from ourselves. The most pure and authentic, our own “Colección de Autor”. Gin Mare starts with a premium French barley base. Gin Mare is Mediterranean in essence, the same as the four principal botanicals in its blend: the arbequina olive, thyme, basil, and rosemary. Four Mediterranean ingredients that united with juniper, coriander, cardamom and citrus provide a unique Gin. This is a gin exclusive in its blend and hand-crafted elaboration. We steep each one of our botanicals during a period of more than twenty-four hours and distill each one separately, allowing us to achieve a wonderful harmony in taste, and furthermore an unmatched versatility. • Arbequina Olive From within this olive is extracted an olive oil known as “liquid gold”. A unique taste, individual, intense, different and purely Mediterranean. • Basil Fresh aroma, green in color, medicinal in character, a product truly ours. Praised by some cultures and criticized by others, for us fundamental. • Rosemary History precedes us: since the Middle Ages, it has been known for its benefits and properties, used in various recipes to maintain health, until the present. In the language of the flowers it is a symbol of good faith and honesty. As anything which is known to be special… it can be difficult to find, in concrete only in autumn and spring. ¬ • Thyme Used by the Romans to purify their dwellings. It has always been used regularly in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Now extracted by us, selecting the best in the land to convert into a glass of Mare. TASTING NOTES Herbaceous, with an unforgettable oily texture and excellent gastronomical qualities. FINISH: Long and delicious aftertaste where the prevalence of the tasting notes of the arbequina olives in balance with the cardamom and the basil, allow us to open the appetite. Perfect Serve: The Gin Mare bottle cap provides the ideal measure (50 ml.) together with a premium tonic, an abundance of ice and a sprig of rosemary or a fresh basil leaf.

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