Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino Extra Anejo Tequila

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Maestro Dobel 50 is a smooth, silky, sensational liquid. This compelling spirit heightens the senses, from its marriage of caramel, honey, agave and dried fruit aroma, to its voluminously rich taste and long finish. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of our Founder Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta, for whom our product is named, and recognizes the Maestro Tequileros virtue and passion. It is crafted from 100% blue agave sourced from a family-owned, single estate in the volcanic lowlands of Tequila, Mexico. The artisanal process includes slow-cooking, slow double-distillation and a unique refinement process, then aging in American and Eastern European oak barrels. (ABV 40%, Proof 80)
Aroma: Compelling marriage of caramel, honey, cooked agave and dried fruit with hints of chocolate, tobacco and sweets. Herbal notes and a touch of light freshness, lingering
vanilla and nutmeg
Flavor: Voluminous, rich taste fills the palate with a silky mouth-feel. Notes of fig, quince, date, pineapple and pumpkin. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla and clove emerge with each sip
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